Allergic to Rules Kids T-shirt


Hey Mum, I’m talking to you…you know when your kids are being extra sassy and you feel the need to explain to everyone they’re just “having a day” 🙈 that’s what this kids t-shirt is for!! No explanation needed 🤣

Pink Clouding, the ultimate clothing brand for empowering you to express yourself with a playful, affordable and individual sense of style. The brand is real life, real talk and funny! 

    • Hand Printed in the UK
    • Fabric: 100% Cotton
    • Design: Allergic to Rules Kids T-shirt
    • Size: 1/2 24" 2/3 25" 3/4 26" 5/6 28" 7/830" 9/11 32" 12/13 34" 14/15 36"
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We want your Pink Clouding products to always look their best!

Follow our recommended Care Instructions:

- Keep it cool: Wash at 30 º (Better for your Tee & the Environment)
- Don’t tumble dry: Air dry or pop on your radiator.
- Iron inside out: Our Prints are all hand printed, keep it looking fresh by ironing inside out!

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