When I first started Pink Clouding, I made a vow to be honest about everything! As a small business, we often succumb to pressure to hide our personalities or emotions because it’s deemed “unprofessional” but I say fuck that! I want my customers to know me as I get to know them. Sometimes it’s not easy being a small business owner and the more I talked about that, the more messages I would receive from other women that felt the same and just wanted to know they weren’t in it alone! I came up with the idea that we should all meet up and try to learn from one another as well as support each other emotionally. I’ve now branded the meet ups and group I run Pink Clouding Collab Club because that’s what it’s all about...collaboration over competition! 

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You may also be interested in the workshops I hold to help women in business to get ahead and learn what they need to without BREAKING THE BANK!! As small businesses, we don't always have huge budgets (or any budgets) for courses on branding, search engine optimisation, marketing etc etc...so I've collaborated with a few of my girls in the Collab Club to offer affordable learning opportunities! The SEO workshop is on 11th September...find out more below or click here to VIEW ALL WORKSHOPS!


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