Don’t you just love when you click on these pages and brands talk about themselves in third person like “Emma started Pink Clouding in 2018” They’re so professional! But that’s not really me... soooo hey!

I’m Emma and I own Pink Clouding. I had grown tired of seeing perfection everywhere I look! Living in a world where we compare everything we do to someone's Instagram grid is really hard sometimes and it gives the wrong message to women that they can only be successful or well likes if they behave a certain way or have the 'right look'.


I started Pink Clouding to give women who have a rebellious nature access to a brand that allows them to express themselves with a playful, affordable and individual sense of style, empowering them to stand out, look great and share their message with the world (without giving a fuck what they say!!)

I’m sick of pretending like I’m a girl boss 24/7! I am, like half of the time, but the rest of it I’m totally flapping about not knowing what the hell I’m doing and you know what? That’s OK!! Pink Clouding is about speaking the truth and showing that it’s just as empowering to share our imperfections and we can have fun doing it!

Are you ready to share your message with the world?
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