5 real talk reasons why your failure is actually leading to your success


So despite all the girl power hashtags and motivational accounts you follow on instagram, you feel like you're failing? JOIN THE CLUB! I just spent an entire hour writing this blog the first time for it to delete without saving and this is my second attempt. So yeah, I hear ya guys and gals. Life is throwing me a curveball and I'm hormonal AF with growing this baby but I'm going to try and stay calm enough to write this without swearing every other sentence. Why? Because it's all about perseverence and I'm here to tell you why you to kick those niggling self doubt thoughts straight out the fucking window... 


1. Naturally, you feel like you suck at  everything and giving up is the answer.  Scared? Good. If you found something  you care about that much, it's worth fighting for. Remember, you're a badass! Nobody ever got successful by sitting on the sidelines and saying "I'm shitting myself" They dove in the pool anyway. What happens to shit in water? The fucker floats away.

2. Do you know what they said when Queen first recorded Bohemian Rhapsody? Their label head said that the radio would never play it and 'the people' wanted much of the same, not something different. They told their label head to shove it, left and said it would be the biggest mistake he ever made. Even after release, reviews read "It will rock you...to sleep" and "big on swaggering spectacle, but far from killer Queen" Did it rock them? Yeah, probably! They may have had moments of doubt. Didn't matter though, they believed in what they were doing and now it's one of the most popular songs in the world. I'm not saying tell everyone who goes against you to do one! But believe in yourself and don't let every negative comment get you down. The future is female and we are all made up of the same stuff at the end of the day, so what makes their opinion any more important than yours? 


 Excuse me for one second while I press SAVE. Not that I'm bitter about it.


3. When you go to the gym what do you do? That's not rhetorical, I wouldn't know, I never go!! I'm all about getting food on the way! Haha but I gather to feel as though you have had a 'successful workout', you push yourself to the point of failure. You push your body to the limit, your muscles are pulsating and giving up, you can barely walk as your jelly-like legs carry you to the car yet you feel proud. The next day? The next day your body hurts even more as your muscles build, heal and grow in strength. You have succeeded! What was failure in one instance, was success in the next. A good friend of mine Will Smith taught me that one ;) 


4.What makes you so special? Why would you above all others that you idolise and look up to, succeed on the first try? So cut the crap, go on, look them up. I guarantee you their stories start with "I failed at this.." 


5. Don't run from failure, seek it out. I've spent most of the day working on SEO's today and yeah I'm writing that now like I'm a pro but 5 hours ago I didn't know either and thought I was reading about a sexually transmitted disease or something!! It means Search Engine Optimisation and it's a mine field. Basically my report scanned my website and told me I failed at 49 out of 70 tasks. I knowwwww, I've got my work cut out for me right?! #killmenow! BUT had the report told me I had succeeded immediately and my website was perfect, I'd be shitting myself! Fuck society and them telling me that to be a successful business woman I shouldn't tell you that I am not hitting my order targets right now because instead I should present the facade that it's going amazingly perfect! That's not reality and the truth is, those 49 failures are the reason why I'm not hitting my targets, so every time I tick one of those tasks off, I'm another step closer to my success. 


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