Law of attraction: fan or fiction??


This is something I am so passionate about at the moment because I have been working on my mindset a lot in 2019! As the year 2020 begins, it’s time to reflect on some of the changes I’ve made and whether they have, in fact, been positive...

1. Money

I don’t know about you but money is something I’ve always had a bad relationship with! I am a big spender! Some would say I’ve got Champagne taste and Prosecco money! I don’t know why but I get a huge thrill out of spending money. Whether it’s for the business or my personal life, I love to shop. I’m also a risk taker, so mix the two together and you have a serial spender and “can only afford a box of cereal” saver!! I would constantly say the words “I’m skint” or “I’m never gonna have that because I’ll never be able to save up!” Sparked by hearing Victoria Maskell speak at one of my Collab Club meet ups for women in business, I decided to make a change. I needed to see money in a positive light and start to attract it into my life...I know, I know, all sounds a bit hippy dippy doesn’t it?! When I started looking up money manifesting believe me, I called bullshit! BUT it’s actually true! It’s not that you start saying a few mantras and thinking about money in a positive way and BOOM, it’s fucking raining money! It’s that you learn to look at the cash in your bank or visualise money in a good way, learning tools like money mapping to manage your money and actually begin to manifest it. Changing my money mindset has changed my life! This year I’m kicking off my business workshops with Victoria to bring those all important life changing moments to you too!

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2. Turn it on its head

Have you ever started the day feeling a bit shit and something happens like maybe you spill your tea or knock the sugar over and you think to yourself, that’s fucking great! It’s gonna be one of those days! You’re immediately in that negative head space and life keeps throwing you curveballs...Every traffic light turns red on you, you’re gonna be late, you didn’t make lunch, you’re gonna spend more money’s continuous and it genuinely feels like someone is out to get you. Well, they are. It’s you! The way you choose to see things and how they impact you, impacts what happens to you. It’s that good old saying of Positivity attracts positivity and this is classic law of attraction. I’ve been practising turning it on its head and making sure I don’t get into that negative space because when I do, it’s a domino effect. The energy I choose to put into the world is reflected back at me. I know this because I have witnessed it and I’m sure you have too. I guarantee you read the first sentence about having a “bad day” and thought yeah that’s definitely happened to me and that’s definitely how it feels! So turn it on its head! Here’s an example, I’m running late. I know that when I wake up so instead of then rushing around like crazy, invebitably forcing things to go wrong because I’m not focused, I’m trying to do 10 things at once and I can’t physically do what’s needed in the time I have, first thing is to figure out what I need to do and how long that’s gonna take me. Ok I’m gonna be 10 minutes late then. Call the person you’re late for, send a text, explain I’m really sorry I’m running late, if it’s work, ‘I’ll make up the time and work through my lunch break‘...I can do that because I’ve factored in the time to make my lunch beforehand. Now I have time to do what I need to do and I can feel good about the fact I’ve taken ownership of it and I can rectify it. My day’s just immediately taken a better path! Be positive and think positive and positive things will happen in return. Go on, try it....

3. Manifest that shit

In 2019 I started to take my goals seriously and write them down. I write everything down! No joke, there is a space for showering in my calendar because fuck me can it be hard to find time to factor that in sometimes!! I literally have to manifest showering into my day! It’s too easy to look after Paxton and work in my pyjamas so it’s super important for me to get ready every day! Bigger goals are what I seriously manifest though and at the beginning of 2019 they included things like paying myself a wage. As soon as you write something down, your brain visualises it and subconsciously starts to figure out how to achieve it. You will start seeking opportunities that ensure that goal becomes your reality. For me, paying myself was never an option before because I had that awful relationship with money. My first goal was to pay myself so in order to achieve that, I had to get better with money and hence came the money manifestation and working on my mindset, something I probably would never have done otherwise! I’ve been using this method for about a year now and honestly never thought I’d be one of those people that say, “it worked!” My 2020 goals are all written in my very own branded positivity planner that I launched last week to kick off the year!

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So what about you? Law of attraction fan or think it’s all fiction?? Let me know on the social media buttons below or leave a comment! 

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