How BBC Radio Northampton’s womens chat hour sparked my dream of being a real life radio DJ


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a talker! I can’t help it, for some reason I just really enjoy the sound of my own voice! Well actually I don’t, my voice sounds nothing like in real life how it does in my head and I sort of hate listening to myself but while I’m talking I love it! 😂 I’m lucky enough to work at The Yards in Kettering as the assistant director and it’s given me the opportunity to be on the radio! 

So last Friday, there I am walking in to BBC Radio Northampton’s women’s chat hour. I KNOW. An entire hour!!! I was shitting it! Naturally I immediately overshared with the women I was on the show with by telling them I wee a lot cus I’m 16 weeks preggers 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ WHY EMMA WHY?! It was pretty much the first thing I said after hello 🙄 

Anyway, I made it into the studio and oh my god, do you know how they read the news? It’s super impressive when you see it in real life and you know how all news readers just know when to pitch their voice or change their tone slightly so everything they say is super interesting?! Probably sat there with my mouth open for about 5 minutes just watching this all unveil before my eyes! I just couldn’t stop imagining myself as Fiona sitting next to Tina reading the news and Grimmy eating his brekkie or something opposite! 😍 

And then there was the giggling!! I full on chuckled at every possible occasion! Like, are you ok Emma? Saying hi is not a chuckling opportunity 🙄 AND WHY ARE THERE NO WORDS?! Why is it that when I’m sat at home on my sofa practising I can think of all sorts of big, meaningful and clever as shit words but when I’m sitting in front of a mic in a studio where it matters, THERE ARE NO WORDS. Even the simplest ones left me. If you listen to it, there’s a part where I say “it had a huge (ermmmmmm.......) essence on small businesses” but the word I was looking for was “emphasis”!! It’s not even a difficult word! 🤣 


All in all, I LOVED IT!!!! I actually talked about a really important topic that I’ll be covering in another blog post about shopping local! 💕 I can’t wait for my next opportunity whenever it may come along (if anyone thinks I should ever be allowed out again!) and I’m doing a bit of research on the side on how to start your own radio show 😉 #watchthisspace 

Listen to the show here and don’t forget to leave me any comments 😘



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