We’re having a baby!


You heard it here first! After 12 years of pulling out, the technique has finally failed in the Parker Ledgeway household! 

We hear from soon-to-be dad, Gavin Ledgeway, on the subject 

“We always knew it was risky but it served us well for a long time and well, now it looks like I’ll be the one serving a long bloody time!” 

Future blogs will include:

”how not to raise a human” 

“what to do if you run out of nappies” 

“life with 3 cats, a baby AND a Ledgeway” 


In all seriousness though, we are thrilled to announce we’re having a baby! Gav’s going to be a brilliant dad and I’m gonna do my best to match him. The Parker Ledgeway household will soon be complete 👶 

(we planned it really!) 




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