3 reasons for buying socks as a unique Valentines gift!

This Valentines, the best gift you can get someone is socks! I know, you're thinking 'she's lost it!' But I have good reasons, I promise! 
Socks stand for something very significant and are severely underestimated and undervalued in present giving!
They're UNISEX & there's a SALE on all socks for Valentines>>>SHOP SOCKS
Watch the video to find out more or read on below! 
Scenario 1: You've got a sexual partner and you give them socks. It says 1 of 2 things. You're effectively asking, "can we take things to the next level cus I'd like to start keeping my socks on during sex and I think we're there"! That works for girl or boy sexual partners. OR if you're trying to keep it super casual (this is for boy partners only), "I've bought you 2 socks for your feet and one for your giant dick?!" He's gonna be pretty thrilled by that in my book and you're gonna come across as super cool. 
Scenario 2: You're in a committed relationship and you give them socks. I buy my boyfriend socks because it means I care that he has good socks. I care about his style and I care about his comfort. I know he needs new socks and I've bought them for him. I've recognised that without him having to ask for them so that's a deep care you know? I'm also giving him permission to wear odd socks because they look cool and as this is something I've never supported before, this shows growth in the relationship.
Scenario 3: You're single and you buy your best mate socks. It shows commitment to your friendship because you've bought them something that lasts a lifetime. Every time they put those socks on they're gonna be like, "my homegirl bought me these, i love her!" SO...it gives a repeating gift!

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